All levels all abilities welcome 

No experience necessary

Find the unique power of your natural voice!



























  • Enjoy the beautiful acoustics

  • Enhance breath and relaxation 

  • Release the natural voice

  • Release stress and tension stress and find relaxation and freedom

  • Improve posture and the physical balance of the body

  • Increase confidence of vocal tone

  • Free the natural breath, promoting creativity and communication.

  • Enhance well-being and peace of mind

  • Improve vocal performance for singing.


Yoga asanas to enhance and combine connection to the chakras open the body calm the mind .

Tool to alleviate sound pollution as a healing song for stress relief 

Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and peaceful tones gain relief from the noise of modern life so can tap into the source of healing sounds Always learning to listen listen to sound listen to silence listen to inner silence expand awareness of sounds for peace and healing using the resonating tones to raise the energetic rate at which we vibrate.  










Feel safe to make a sound and let your voice release in a non competitive non judgemental environment 

Free the physical instrument in the entire body 

Deepen and expand the breath to reveal the sound in entire body focusing on…

Breath work, finding the unique power of your natural voice

Focusing on the Om 



Vocal exercises 

Voice placement resonance and humming to warm up the voice and opening the chest and diaphragm.

Aligning chakras,notes,vowel sound and tone.

Posture and alignment with yoga asanas to improve physical balance and enhance breath and relaxation.

















In the practice if making sounds be aware of each inhalation and exhalation let the breath become smooth and calm

feel the energy from the music with the waves of the music 

let negativity diminish and experience inner peace and tranquility 

after the sounds and music continue the silence and serenity for a while and let the effect of the sound meditation permeate within you remove the energetic debri that builds up around us from modern living and raise vibrational energy   

 medication in sound  meditation to the sacred source of all things being in the moment challenging to pause and be still in these busy times. 


Sound is accessible to all it is powerful and sacred doing Vocal Toning in a group music has the capacity 

awaken emotional sensitivity.


Medication and Meditation in sound:

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MP3 21 Minute Deep Relaxation Vocal Toning | LISTEN NOW >>


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NADA YOGA - The Yoga of Sound


What is Nada Yoga?


Nada Yoga means "union through sound." It is the ancient spiritual art and science of inner transformation through sound and tone. accessible to anyone,meditation on sound as apath to spiritual growth and awareness. "Nada Yoga."  "meditation on sound."This is a highly enjoyable form of meditation. Sound meditation is the practice of deepening meditation with the use of sound and sonic vibrations.For thousands of years sound has been used in many ancient cultures for healing.


The Nāda yoga system divides music into two categories: internal music, anahata, and external music, ahata. The mind easily becomes absorbed in sound. When the mind is fully focused on the sound moving awareness from outer to inner sounds while easing your mind into relaxation and inner bliss.as you meditate, yourself connects to the vibration of the sounds that you are focusing on. 

Music and sound have strong healing properties,the human voice has strong healing power. Nāda yoga




What is Vocal Toning?


Toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel in order to experience the sound and its effects in other parts of the body.


Music and sound have strong healing properties, the human voice has strong healing power


"Toning" is using the voice specifically as a healing instrument. In toning you create a vowel sound hold a note letting the vibration of the sound resonate in your body.
















Toning creates a vibration deep within the body that is very healing.

through the sound of the vibrating breath. Its a simple yet powerful technique, accessible to everyone regardless of vocal ability or training. Through toning you can immediately experience the effects of sound on your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.


Feeling sound from the inside out, meditative toning can help you focus and relax; release negative emotions; reduce stress; and improve stamina and concentration.

















Toning synchronizes the brainwaves and helps relieve tension. Toning is also a wonderful technique for developing your voice-ear connection and enhancing your listening power.


Toning restores balance and harmony to the mind and body. It can help deepen your sense of self,spirit and align you to the deepest vibrations of soul and spirit.move toward the source of your own inner balance, creativity, well-being, and freedom of voice.


Vocal toning uses your voice to harmonize and balance your cells and your energetic pathways vocal toning uses steady sound one tone per exhale.


Vocal toning is a means for an individual to use their own voice to create particular frequencies or vibrations within the body vocal toning sounds (the 7 vowels).  Each vowel or sound is connected to a particular chakra, or area within the body, starting from the lower spine, all the way up to the crown of the head. 


Chakra (area on spine):                                         Sound:


1. Root chakra (tailbone)                                          UH


2. Sacral chakra (navel)                                            OO


3. Solar Plexus chakra (below chest)                    OH


4. Heart chakra (middle of chest)                            AH


5. Throat chakra (throat)                                            EYE


6. 3rd eye chakra (above eye brow)                        AYE


7. Crown chakra (top of head)                                   EE


Using Chakra Tones to Balance Your Chakra System:


"Toning" is using the voice specifically as a healing instrument. In toning you create a vowel sound hold a note letting the vibration of the sound resonate in your body.


Toning creates a vibration deep within the body that is very healing.

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